"Oh my goodness, Eva! The album arrived, it is just beautiful. I knew it would be gorgeous but it seriously exceeded all of my expectations. The quality is just incredible. I love it so much!"
- Helen Pennington.


Wow...so it's all over. You're hitched! The dress is dry cleaned and tucked away in the cupboard (or maybe just tucked away in the cupboard?), you're getting used to talking about your 'husband' or 'wife' and you have some really, really cool wedding photos...on a USB.
If that sounds like a bit of you and doing something special with your wedding photos is on your to-do list (or even your wish list) then make it a priority before life and other financial commitments take over.



Made in Auckland, Queensberry albums are widely regarded the best albums in the business. They make albums for approved pro photographers from around the world.  But while it's nice to have something exclusive and the last-word in luxury, it is Queensberry's hand-crafted tactile beauty and attention to detail that makes them so special.

Think of your Queensberry album as your Greatest Hits collection. It showcases around 60-70 of your absolute favourite images, allowing room for lots of lovely white space to breathe and for full-page images. You'll still be wanting to watch your slideshow now and again and sit down on your wedding anniversary and rediscover the full collection on your USB or cloud gallery.
Our studio cover style is black buckram with embossed names, but you can upgrade to leather or choose a photo insert instead of embossing. Our hand-cut matts are ivory and prints are on silver-halide matt paper.
What this album will give you is something to treasure and pass down to your children. In fact it's highly likely your grandchildren will be fighting over who gets it. Queensberry albums are future family heirlooms.

SIZE: 14x10"
PAGES: 20 (10 spreads)
PRICE: $1250
COVER: Black buckram with embossed christian names or photo insert.
PRESENTATION: Queensberry album sleeping bag & cardboard presentation box.

EXTRA SPREADS (two pages): $100 each
ADDITIONAL BOOKS (for parents): 30% off -replica design only.
OK I'm sold, I want one. I crave one. What do I do now?

Our album design season runs from May to the end of September. We design albums in the order we receive photo lists from our couples. To set this in motion we need the following:

* A list of the images you would like included in your album, with your favourite five given an asterix. 60 makes for a more spacious album with more room for larger images. 70 is the absolute maximum unless you would like more pages. Please take your numbers from the folder of high resolution images on your USB.
* We recommend including parts of your whole day - about five photos of the bridal preparations, five of groom prep, 10 from the ceremony, a goodly chunk from the creative session and so-on. It's up to you if you want family photos included but if so, three or four favs sit nicely on a spread with the group photo of all your guests.
* Tell us what cover style you want; classic black buckram or upgrade to leather. 

Once we've done the initial design, we'll email you a digital draft - you'll be able to see each spread and let us know what changes you'd like (if any).
One round of edits is included in the album price, additional changes after the first edit are $50. This is to avoid delays and repeated re-working of your design.
Once you've signed off the draft, we'll have your album ready to collect (or send within New Zealand) in about four weeks. Then all you have to do is swoon over it for the next 50 years until the kids inherit it!

A deposit of 50% is required on order and the remaining 50% on approval of the draft. 


We live in a now-now-now for less-less-less kinda world. Quantity trumps quality and if we don't like it, we toss it out and get a new one. This makes me feel sad for reasons that are hard to articulate. It’s also the reason I really encourage you to think differently about how you choose to display your favourite wedding images. My mum always taught me that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing right and that attitude translates to how I go about presenting my couple’s images. It’s why we only use Queensberry albums and why we only use Ilford textured cotton rag fine art paper. If you are considering enlargements for your wall or even small prints to gift to your family, do justice to the investment you originally made in the photography and get them printed on gorgeous paper. Please share this page with friends and family who may want to print your wedding photos. It takes us many, many hours to 'develop’ your digital photos so the colours are exactly right and truly beautiful. Screens often don’t reflect this and the grab-and-go printing labs certainly don’t. If you don’t have a fine art printer you trust locally, we do and would love to arrange your printing for you. If the options below don’t quite suit your needs, simply ask and we’ll get you a quote. We post anywhere in the world and we love to know the photos we took so much care creating are being printed and displayed in a way that will make them family heirlooms.

Unframed small print packs

6x4” pack of 10 - $27.50 / pack of 15 - $38.50 / pack of 20 - $85.00

5x7.5” pack of 10 - $37.50 / pack of 15 - $47.50 / pack of 20 - $115.00

Unframed individual enlargements

Desktop (8x12”) - $55 / Small wall (11x16”) - $90 / Medium wall (24x30”) - $185 / Feature wall (40x60”) - $525

Framed Prints

Choose from three different framing styles; matted, unmatted (image fills the frame) or with a floating torn edge. Please note, frame size defines the aperture area/print size, not the outside area of the frame.

Small wall (A4) - $145 / Medium wall (A3) - $265 / Large wall (A2) $445 / Feature wall (A1) - $625