Kate & Tom - Eskdale Church & The Mission Estate


If you just keep your eyes open, you can find the most wonderful things in the gutter. Tom, for instance, found his wife, Kate. It's a long (and funny) story but the end of Chapter One happened at Eskdale Church in Hawkes Bay on the weekend, when Miss Edwards said 'I do' and became Mrs Banister. Our wedding photography session took us from the railway track in Eskdale near Napier to the vineyard at The Mission Estate in Taradale. The (#@*!$!!) wind seems like a distant memory now, because all I can remember is how much we were all laughing and what incredible photos we got thanks in no small part to the amazing connection between the newlyweds and...lets face it...a few good jokes from everyone's favourite groomsman (well, mine at least)...Paul!

As far as Hawkes Bay weddings go, this was up there. Thanks to everyone who had a smile and chuckle (and sometimes a tear) in front of my lens.