Ian & Sophie - Wedding at The Old Church, Meeanee. By Eva Bradley

Weddings at The Old Church, Meeanee, Hawkes Bay

Weddings are a serious business. Yeah right. In reality, the best weddings are full of laughter, and the bride and groom just can't stop grinning because they're so damned happy. That pretty much summed up the vibe and the look for Mr. & Mrs. Honeyfield when they tied the knot at one of Hawkes Bays most lovely wedding venues, The Old Church in Meeanee, near Napier.I met them first at the Black Barn River Lodge, high on the banks of the Tukituki river. The girls were left alone to invent mischief with a copy of '50 Shades of Grey' and some rather 'interesting' props at the lodge while I went to teach the boys the proper way to attach a buttonhole (tip: the button hole doesn't actually feature). Mums and Dad came by to say goodbye to their babies before they finally flew the nest...in spectacular style, and in a way that reminds me just why Hawkes Bay weddings are impossible to beat.