Craig & Aroha - The Old Church

Craig & Aroha Jones

Whoever said 'weddings are all about the bride' had never met Craig Jones. We love the relationships we build up with our brides over the months of planning and of course all the excitement on the day and after, but often it's easy to feel like the groom just came along for the ride. Not this guy. As the soon-to-be-Jones' planned their wedding at The Old Church Winery from home-base in India, it became clear we had ourselves a rare creature indeed: a groom who was looking forward to the big day (and the photo shoot!) just as much as his bride.For this Hawkes Bay photographer, that meant double the fun. So Craig, as hot as your new wife is, we dedicate this blog to you, handsome. Thanks for the blue steel, the foxy smiles and being the best gawd-damned 'accessory' a bride could ever have beside her on her wedding day (and the rest of her life).

Michelle Fey is Hawkes Bay wedding photographer for Eva Bradley Photography. To see more of her recent blogs at The Old Church and other Hawkes Bay wedding venues, click HERE.