We love the way in recent years wedding styling has become so creative. Often that's thanks to the wonderful efforts of professional stylists, and in Hawke's Bay we are lucky to have several really talented people in this area. But what makes a wedding really special is when a family has poured not just huge amounts of time but love into making a wedding look spectacular. This has never been truer than at Jess and Paul's Te Awa Winery wedding, where a treasure trove of rustic country decorations was crafted by the bride's mum, Maxine, and her small army of family helpers.

Just as well we work in teams because while Michelle was shooting the bridal party, Rebekah 'popped inside' for what is normally a five-minute session documenting the details. Half an hour later she came out and it wasn't until Michelle downloaded all the images (which took a while!) that she realised Rebekah hadn't just been having a wee sit-down.

Jess says it was her incredible mum, Maxine, behind most of the creativity. "During the wedding preparations, Google, Pinterest and Snapchat became our best friends and mum would spend her time in the mornings on her treadmill scrolling her iPad for ideas then working out how to make them. My amazing dad did as he was told and got roped into making all the wooden things and my sister, Mallory, and mother-in-law, Carol, helped with the printing, craft and sewing. My job as team leader was to give everything the OK and tie the odd bow."

Jess describes the theme of the wedding as 'rustic, vintage, shabby chic' which we think just about covers it! Florals by Kathy Compton and Belinda Curry helped pull the look together and add to the softness. 

From Jess: 'We just want to say a huge thanks to Michelle and Rebekah for doing such an amazing job. I just love every photo as they all tell part of our story and they truly did capture every emotion of our day. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with through the whole journey and made everything so easy, our day so special and so much fun!'


A big thanks to all who helped us create beautiful images for Jess and Paul - Maxine & family, Coral, Belinda and Kathy. You guys are all legends!