Wowzers, Christine!

Over the years we've helped lots of beautiful women discover the confidence and beauty that lies beneath the layers we usually present to the world. Our unveiled sessions are something we do for brides-to-be as a special gift to present to their fiancé the night before the wedding. It's a sneaky little way of making sure they are DEFINITELY waiting at the top of the aisle the next day.


It's not very often anyone else gets to see these beautiful brides without their wedding dress on, but Christine was so stoked with her images that we got the green light to share them with you. Her journey to looking this great and feeling so confident about her body started two years ago and saw her walk into our studio a new woman. She was 25kg lighter and incredibly proud of her commitment to a new, healthier lifestyle...and the body that came with that! This is her story, in her words.....

"I embarked on a life changing journey of weight loss, which I thought was all physical. Now I have come to the conclusion that it is mind over body and ample support. Two years ago an unveiled photo shoot with Eva was only a dream that I joked about with my friends.

But in September I reached my weight loss goal so I contacted Eva and asked, "do you think I can do this?".

She simply replied, "lets do it."

Nerves set in and I had cold feet until my appointment with Eva. On entering the studio, Eva was my tower of strength and I knew I was safe in her hands.

This amazing experience has helped me find my inner confidence. I was struggling to see the change that everyone else could see. Receiving my photos brought tears to my eyes. I love them so much that I struggled not to tell my fiancé before the wedding day.

Eva, thank you so much for making this experience totally out of this world for me. I have never felt so comfortable in front of the camera before. All my nerves just melted away once I saw you."

Of course Christine has huge thanks, also, to her biggest fan...husband Damian, who changed his whole diet and lifestyle in order to support his future wife.

"I see the drive in her to get up each morning before the sun is out - we crawl out of bed to punish ourselves at boot camp. I've been there for the times I've had to drag her out so we're on time. Exercise and a great bunch of people around us has definitely been the key," says Damian.

"Christine looked amazing on our wedding day, I've never seen anyone more beautiful in my whole life. It was like everything went blurry around her, time slowed down and I was fixated on her. My wedding present of Eva's photos the night before was a huge surprise. They were beautiful, tasteful and show a newfound self-confidence and pride in herself that I never knew Christine had."

Thanks Christine and Damian, for letting us share these personal images. Helping women of all body types to feel confident about the way they look is a huge privledge for us. Especially when they've travelled such a long and challenging journey. It's not about being size 8 sexy, it's about being real-world beautiful.

Visit our Unveiled page to read more from our brides about this cool experience. And remember - you don't have to be a bride to be unveiled!

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