What is your style?

Two words describe our style: candid and classical. Our driving principle as we record your wedding story is to create images that will remind you in years to come how you felt on your wedding day, not just how you looked. We want your grandchildren to immediately see that your wedding was the best day of your life, bar none. We also want those grandchildren to love the photography, not cringe (remember the 80s brides with spiral perms, pouffy sleeves and soft focus borders?!).

So…how the heck do we do that? Well, some of it comes down to our creative and technical skill but mostly it is our way of working with our couples and bridal parties so that laughter dominates and you feel like you can be yourselves in front of us. You're not just signing up for what we can do we can do with a camera that others can't, but who we are when we're with you. And we resist the temptation to indulge in fashion filters and unnatural poses. Beautifully developed natural colours, classic black and whites and natural chemistry between people in love is what we're about.

What’s so special about there being two of you?

There’s only one way to make sure all the candid little moments get recorded along with the big ones, and that’s to have two cameras looking in opposite directions at the same time. And although plenty of photographers offer a second shooter, we’re unique in that we are a permanent team of two experienced photographers with different skill sets, used to working together all the time, at every wedding. That enables us to know what the other photographer is looking for and planning on shooting next almost by instinct. It’s how we capture unscripted, fleeting moments that you’re likely to treasure the most when looking back.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary depending on the sort of coverage you choose but sit at around $4,500. We know for a lot of couples this is a significant investment but we feel because there are two of us shooting across the day, with 20-years experience between us, it’s a good investment for couples who put a priority on the memories of the day. We do elopements and off-peak tailored coverage (winter and mid-week) as well, so get in touch and we'll send you back some detailed information.


What is included in your coverage?

We are wedding storytellers so our coverage starts with both of you getting ready, and continues in a documentary style to the start of the reception, or right through the speeches, cake cutting and dancing. We don't base our coverage on hours spent on the day because weddings don't all slot into a 7 or 10-hour box. We believe you should have ownership of your own wedding photos, so all our packages include high resolution files (about 700 depending on which collection you choose). We spend a full week in post-production on each of our weddings to make sure your wedding story is technically perfect and beautiful. Editing is part of our craft and we don't outsource it.

Do you do albums?

Yes, a professionally-designed album is the final part of your wedding story, and something we strongly encourage so that you have something truly beautiful to remember your day. Queensberry albums are our favourite because the quality and and presentation is incredible. We have samples at the studio and would love to show them to you, or you can pop on over to our albums page and check them out online.

When is the best time to book, and how do we do that?

If you are planning a summer wedding, the best advice we can give is to book early. We take bookings two years out, and most people book us about a year in advance. But even in summer, we often have dates free a few months out so it's always worth getting in touch. While we are happy to pencil-book for a few days while you co-ordinate your venue/date etc, we require a 20% non-refundable retainer and completed booking form to confirm your date. Once confirmed we will turn any and all other requests away - we're yours for the day.

Do you travel, and what is the cost of that?

Although we are mostly Hawke's Bay wedding photographers, we love to travel and see and shoot new places, so get in touch with your plans. We aim to keep travel costs as low as possible and will provide you with a travel quote when you book so you can factor that into the budget. It's usually around $500 for us to come to New Zealand weddings outside Hawke's Bay. If we haven’t been to your venue before, we’ll location scout the day before the wedding and meet with you then to go over the grand master plan, which we'll have helped you with via skype, phone or email well in advance.

When do we get our photos?

Because of the detailed post-production that goes into all of our wedding photos, our turn-around time is three to four weeks for the finished product. But we know you'll be itching for a sneak peek so if you are comfortable with social media, we'll post a sneak peek a few days after your wedding. We’ll also post a private sneak peek gallery of around 20 images on our website for you about 4-5 days after the wedding. 


Do you have insurance and back-up gear? What happens if you are sick, or it rains?

We have full insurance and lots of backup gear - not least of these a second shooter at every wedding! Together we've shot more than 600 weddings over 12 years and never been unable to attend. We take our commitment to get incredible photos on your one big day seriously. And the benefit of working with experienced professionals is that we have shot dozens of weddings in the rain and know how to switch to plan B without letting it stress you out or compromise your photos. We are also members of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) so are part of an excellent network of qualified photographers.

I live overseas or out of town - what if I can't meet you before I book?

Because Hawke's Bay is so popular for destination weddings and people 'coming home' to get married, most of our couples live outside the region. We really believe it's easy to organise a wedding from a distance if you get a great lineup of local wedding professionals on your team. We are often booked via email or phone because our reputation and online portfolio has given our couples the confidence to do this. Personality is the secret ingredient to our candid style so we are confident that when you do get to meet us, you'll love us. Well, you'll like us heaps, at the very least!

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