Want to distract your future husband from last-minute jitters the night before the wedding? Want him to say 'I do...I really, really do!'"

UNVEILED sessions are for his eyes only. And we personally guarantee it will be the best present you give your man...ever. The plan is to make you absolutely irresistible (especially if we shoot the session just after your hair and makeup trial) and then create a portfolio of beautiful, sexy photographs to give to your fiancee when you part ways the night before the wedding.

Show him the confident, gorgeous and seductive side of you that he may never have seen before, and celebrate the body you have spent months perfecting in the lead-up to the big day.

This is an opportunity to make your body a canvas and to have a permanent and beautiful record of you looking your absolute best. Time takes its toll on all of us eventually, but an UNVEILED session presses pause during a moment in time when you are looking incredible.

Bring your wedding night lingerie, shoes and veil (and anything else that will get his heart racing!) and have a fun hour in the studio where you'll tap into your inner minx, and learn some fabulous posing techniques that will really help during your wedding day shoot.

Pick your favourite 15, and we'll then begin the post-production magic, giving you the supermodel magazine treatment to ensure your skin is perfect, your eyes bright and any little imperfections are magically and subtly whisked away. You will get a beautifully presented portfolio to present to your husband right before you kiss him goodnight and goodbye. Reckon he'll show up on time the next day? HELL YES!

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Sharon's unveiling..

"The unvieled photo shoot was worth every cent. Eva made me feel like a total rock star! It was so empowering and made me feel really relaxed infront of the camera (and Eva) which made the photography process on our big day that much better.

Evidence that the long early morning work outs and healthy eating had paid off was another bonus. I felt so much more confident in  how I looked after I saw myself in the pictures. I arranged the photo shoot to be straight after my hair and make up trial (which I'd recommend to feel extra pretty) and we had the shoot at the location my husband and I spent our wedding night, so the photos hold extra special memories. My husband adores his pictures and says that they were the best wedding gift I could have given him!  To any bride contemplating 'unvieled' - dont think about it - JUST GO FOR IT!"

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Sophie's unveiling...

"I was very anxious beforehand but once I got there, Eva made me feel at ease. By the end I was totally loving it!!

The lingerie shoot made me a more relaxed bride when it came to photographs on my wedding day.

I felt that I had worked hard to get into shape so why not be proud and have proof. It's something to look back on in time and have satisfaction. I recommend this to all brides to be, just like It was recommend to me"

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Paula's unveiling...

"My husband totally loved the photos- and still does.  He had them in his back pocket during our wedding day, and told me he noticed the confidence in me on the day because of the shoot, and loved seeing that.
He kept telling me I 'owned the camera' which is very unlike me, but after being snapped in my knickers and made to feel amazing doing that, being in front of the camera on my wedding day was so much easier. I knew how to pose and just be comfortable and confident with my body and the camera.
I was a little nervous about the unveiled shoot, but mostly excited.  I knew the magic Eva does behind the lens so I was never worried that I wasn't going to be happy with my photos.
The session was really empowering, and it has given my husband and I a lasting keepsake of me and the wedding bod I had worked so hard to create! I really recommend the experience to every bride."


Leteisha's unveiling...

"Since doing the shoot with Eva I have reflected a lot on myself.  What I didn't realise is that regardless of what size I am or how I feel about myself, I am sexy, beautiful and have a new-found confidence. Richard and I went through the photos and he complimented me a lot, but what humbled me most was that you could genuinely see he was proud of me. Proud of me for doing it and proud of me for being proud of myself. 

I was so pleased and impressed with the photos that I showed them to my best friend and my mum - seeing their reactions as well really made me smile. My body is my story - it shows my struggles, my triumphs and really expresses me. I am so incredibly grateful that Eva took the time to do the shoot with me. No amount of money could balance the rewards and lessons I learnt from it! Eva is truly fantastic.

Unveiled sessions cost $595, and you don't have to be one of our brides (or a bride at all!) for us to work our magic. This is a session for real-world beautiful, and while we use our photography and editing skills to make you look your best, it's important that this is subtle. And you don't need to be a perfect 10. This is about celebrating you, no matter what size you are.