It’s a conundrum…you want to spend your wedding photography budget on epic stills BUT you still don’t want Uncle Bob with his iPhone left in charge of videoing your wedding, right? If you can afford a professional videographer without eating into your photography budget, go for it (and ask us who we recommend). However, if you’re like many of the couples we work with who want something that costs a lot less than a pro video package but still professionally records what was said and what the first dance looked like, check out some moments taken from Charlotte and Russell’s video then read on.

Our goal with wedding video is to make the most of the investment you’ve already made in getting two professional photographers at your wedding, who bring with them the necessary experience and tech to go one step further and capture several important parts of the day that are great to have in your memory bank. This includes full coverage of your ceremony, all of the speeches and your first dance along with a little bit of D-floor fun with your friends and some simple snippets of movement from across the day.

We use unobtrusive lapel mics for the ceremony and hook into your existing sound-system during speeches. We shoot video remotely with a single camera on a tripod, ensuring we are still able to prioritise amazing stills photography. Video and audio tracks are mixed in post-production.

The footage is cut together in a simple way without fancy edits, highlight reels or music. It’s often more than an hour of footage, meaning this is a valuable memory for you, your close family and those that couldn’t make it on the day. It’s not necessarily something you’ll bust out after dinner with your mates or post on your Insta stories, however it is something that will mean a lot one day when your dad isn’t with you any more and you get to listen to all the amazing things he said about you on your wedding day.


Andrew shoots our videos so prices differ depending on if he’s already working as a stills photographer beside Eva, or if he’s there just to do video.


  1. Ceremony only, $495.

  2. Ceremony, Speeches & Dancing, $795.


  1. Ceremony only, $695

  2. Ceremony, Speeches & Dancing $1,150

Video is supplied via Dropbox for direct download and is delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding.

 EVA! Oh my goodness the video is amazing! It was so lovely to relive the day again. We absolutely love it! In those moments you are so caught up in the whole day, it is hard to remember exactly what was said, and how you were feeling. This brought the emotions of the day back to the both of us. Having everything including our vows, the speeches and first dance all there is so special and will be treasured forever. This added that extra dimension on top of the BEAUTIFUL photos that yourself and Andrew took. Everyone needs to have their day recorded like this. We feel so lucky that we had such an incredible team to capture our perfect day, and that we have so many ways to be taken back to those moments.
— Charlotte