We are Hawke's Bay Photographers

This is our home.

There are two things we passionately believe; that your wedding photos should candidly reflect how you felt on the day, and that your memories should endure far beyond fashionable trends to become future treasures that endure long after you are no longer around to tell people about the best day of your lives.

We want you to remember how you felt on your wedding day, not just how you looked. The secret to that is the relationship you have on the day with the person you're marrying...and with us! If you're not laughing as much as we are when we're working together, we're not doing our job. Find out more ABOUT US and take a look at the wedding Q&As we most often get asked and answer. Then sit down together with a wine and be inspired by some of our RECENT WEDDINGS. If you have a wedding venue sorted, you can search for it on our BLOG PAGE.