Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
— Dr. Seuss






Before we press the shutter button, we always think a few decades ahead. Will this image still be loved by people as much then as now? Will this moment be as important...or more so? Who will be looking at it? And will the story and the feelings still be as powerful?

We are story tellers and memory keepers. We write your story with light, humour, candid observation and technical expertise, and preserve your memories with a commitment to classical photography that endures beyond today's trends.

We are motivated by connections between people and being able to share in something intensely personal and emotional through what we do. We don't take photos of how you looked, we create memories of how you felt.


Photography to remind you what it felt like to be married, not just what it looked like.



not how you looked, but how you felt

A good photograph is many things; technical control, awesome light, strong composition and subject matter. A great photograph takes you back to the emotions of the moment. We aren't just taking photos of you on your wedding day. We are there to make sure your grandchildren one day understand just how incredible it felt to marry the one you love.

Hawke's Bay



kind words

'Every time Tara and I look at our wedding photos we find something new that reinforces for us how perfect Eva and Andrew were for our wedding – we simply can’t recommend them more highly. They didn’t feel like professionals providing a service, more like extra members of our wedding party who happened to be carrying cameras. I would almost like to get married again just to spend another day partying with Eva and Andrew.'

- Oliver Searle.

‘OUTSTANDING. Just seriously AMAZING. A+++ 100% fantastic. If you are trying to decide if you should book in Eva for your wedding - stop right now and ring her to pay the deposit. Best decision you will ever make! Being in the wedding industry myself, I have seen a lot of photographers, but the choice for us was easy. I knew when we first met that I wanted to lock Eva in for ours. We are so happy with all of the photos.’




the best thing about memories is making them

Be real. Be you. Eva's family photography isn't about creating traditional 'portraiture' with artificial lighting and poses, it's about having an awesome time so that you have honest, joyful, real images about what family means to you.

Hawke's Bay