Is it wrong to tell you that taking photos isn't actually what gets us out of bed in the morning? What we live for, what we love most about being wedding photographers and why we will still have our camera in one hand and a walking stick in the other is that we get to be part of the moments that matter most to people. We contribute something really big to a small number of people; we tell stories that will be retold for generations.

As part of our commitment to creating memories that will be treasured long into the future, we focus on creating candid connections between people and emotional images that will always remind people how it felt to get married, not just be a beautiful record of how it looked.

We honour the future as well as the present by editing and shooting in a classic, timeless style. No #instabride here. If you want #lookslikefilm just ask - we'll dust off our film camera, not paste on a filter.

We shoot in pairs because the small moments matter as much as the big ones. We believe who we are matters as much as what we do; we will laugh with you and keep it real, always.



Eva Bradley - weddings, families & COMMERCIAL.

What matters most to me is living a purposeful life. I want to look back when I'm 80 and feel like I made a difference, even a small one. It's why I love being a mum, and it's also why I feel so incredibly grateful to be a wedding photographer. I've been doing it for 13 years now after ditching a seemingly glam life as a TV reporter for One News. Telling stories was always something I loved to do, but it wasn't until my late 20s I realised I needed a camera to do this passion justice, not a pen. Now, after about 600 weddings (mostly in Hawke's Bay), I still get excited every time I pack my kit up and head out. Even though the event or venue is quite often the same, the people at the centre of it and the stories that have brought them together never are. Watching their joy and being responsible for documenting it makes me happy, and it's a buzz that continues as wedding photography and my skill and approach to it evolves over the years.

I used to have a problem with the fact I don't do much outside of work other than hang out at the beach where we live with my family; husband, Brad (Turfrey…not Bradley. That would be weird) and sons Edward (4) and James (1). But then I realised that my work is my hobby; it's what I'd choose to do if I had some spare time.

Eva works with second shooter, Andrew Caldwell. You can read about him down below.

michelle fey photography

Michelle Fey - weddings

Despite scientists saying it couldn't be done, Eva proved them wrong back in 2009 and produced a clone.  

Michelle was hiding behind the lens at the local cop shop - a specialist forensic photographer who knew a whole lot about shooting crime scenes but not so much about cataloguing happy ever after on a wedding day.
An odd choice for a wedding photographer? Not when you know Michelle. While most people can learn the technical and creative skills to be a good wedding photographer, it takes an awesome personality and an infectious sense of fun and adventure to be a great one. Be warned - Michelle is going to be just as excited on your wedding day as you are. And that's why everyone loves her.

Over the past nine years, Michelle's natural and candid style has been developed to blend seamlessly with Eva's, and her wedding work has won gold at New Zealand's most prestigious professional photography awards.
Shooting around 25 weddings each season, Michelle is a qualified NZIPP wedding photographer and she also runs her own successful newborn photography business.

In true clone fashion, Michelle also has two fantastic sons, Reuben (10) and Garrett (13), plus a border collie Smokey and patient hubby, Jonny.

Michelle works with second shooter, Rebekah Trafford. You can read about her down below.

andrew caldwell photographer


Andrew has so many awesome talents that it's hard not to inflate his ego by talking about him. Broadly speaking, his job is to be where Eva is not. At weddings that means starting the day with the guys while Eva hangs out with the girls, then ensuring the big moments of the day (like the bride and groom seeing each other for the very first time) are covered from a different angle. A specialist in low-light night photography and people watching, Andrew takes over as lead photographer when the reception begins and his favourite part of the day is sneaking you out on dusk to create something a little bit different and dramatic.

As well as second shooting, he's also responsible for the highly-skilled process of editing our images in our signature studio style which is classic, timeless and technically perfect.

We love having Andrew as a central part of our team because nothing stresses him out and he is incredibly humble about his creativity (he's 2x finalist in the international Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, but you'll never hear him talk about that, so of course we do on his behalf!). He's motivated by what makes his life interesting and full, which is how we managed to lure him away from his previous career in architecture. As well as commercial photography under his own name, Andrew specialises in landscape and astroscape photography. His work is truly awesome -  go take a squizz. 


Rebekah Trafford - WEDDINGS

Rebekah is the yin to our yang, the calm to our crazy energy on a wedding day and the one looking out for the quieter little moments that often go unnoticed at a wedding. Kids doing cute things are to Rebekah like a red rag is to a bull. She's in there. Sometimes the unscripted moments happening away from the main event can provide some of the most treasured memories and this is what Rebekah is on the hunt for. In fact she's so good at that she just won a bronze medal at NZ's top professional photography awards for a blink-and-you-miss-it moment shot at one of Michelle's weddings. On the team since 2009, she is Michelle's other set of eyes and hands and works hard to make sure every special angle is covered during your wedding day.