Les Misérables - Napier Operatic Society, 2019 production photos


I’ll admit it…I’m a musical theatre geek. I love me a good live show and nothing gets my bum on a seat quite as quickly as Les Miserablés. I’ve seen this powerful story about the French Revolution about 10 times and every time it’s a tear-jerker. The personal stories of triumph and tragedy are heart-breaking. Add in songs I’ve been singing since I was a little choir girl and it’s a recipe for a great night out. This week, I’m especially excited as I’ll be seeing Napier Operatic Society’s production of Les Mis, directed by my clever big sister, Lisa-Jane Easter. I sponsored her by taking the professional show photos and with only 6 minutes allotted for each set up, I realised something quite amazing: being able to hustle people for group photos is a genetically-acquired skill. Until I saw LJ doing this on my behalf the other night, I really thought I was the best hustler in the business.

Les Misérables runs till June 1st and has had rave reviews. Tickets are still available so if you’re a Hawke’s Bay local, don’t miss out on something truly special. BOOK NOW!

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