Jeromé & Amy - The Old Church, Hawke's Bay


According to her best friend and bridesmaid, Katrina, Amy was never going to settle for Mr-Almost-Right. She set her standards high and decided it was better to be single than ever to compromise. The universe has a funny way of tuning into these sorts of pledges, and so it was that shortly after this declaration from Amy, the starts aligned and she met her Mr. Right, Jeromé, across a crowded dance floor.I loved the way that these two were so comfortable together, and so good at expressing their emotions. Amy got the waterworks flowing early with a song and lyrics for Jeromé to listen to, and back-to-back against a door they held hands and calmed each other's pre-wedding nerves right before the ceremony. We all agreed that the rain didn't make a blind bit of difference to this beautiful Hawkes Bay wedding day, for two beautiful people, Mr. & Mrs. Dolman.

Photographer: Eva Bradley / Second Shooter: Elena B.G. / Hair: Rosie Antsis / Makeup: Candice Dear, Embellish Me / Dress: Sophia Tolli / Minister: Fr. James Lyons / Cake: Katrina Halford

Eva Bradley is a Hawke's Bay wedding photographer. To see more of her work, click HERE