Scott & Lindsay - Napier, New Zealand


I was absolutely delighted when I received an email from Australian couple Scott and Lindsay in May 2013, filling me in on their romantic plans to sail to New Zealand on a luxury cruise, stopping in at the world's beautiful Art Deco capital, Napier, to tie the knot.New Zealand had just legalised same sex weddings and as a wedding photographer who loves a new and exciting creative challenge, I couldn't wait till they arrived on February 11th. It would be my first gay wedding and I was very proud to be a New Zealander at this big moment in Scott & Lindsay's life. We had been beset by torrential rain and cold temperatures the previous day but when the Dawn Princess slid into her berth, a warm sea breeze and blue skies prevailed. The foxy boys strutted out of Napier Port alongside their witnesses, Sue and Kieran, and for the next couple of hours we scooted around some of Napier's coolest spots, including Bluff Hill where we looked down on their ship. Our session was followed by a wonderfully intimate ceremony with close friends at Centennial Gardens. Before they knew it, Napier's newest married couple were back on the boat and sailing to their next destination, this time as two very happy husbands.

Eva Bradley is a Hawkes Bay wedding photographer. To learn more about her approach to gay and same sex wedding photography, click HERE