Studio-side with Abi & Ethan


The last time I had Abi and Ethan in front of my lens, they were half the size they are now. We got some lovely, playful images of them in the late afternoon sun down by the river. But lately, I've really been enjoying shooting pre-teens in the simple setting of the studio, exploring personalities without the distraction of pretty backgrounds. I asked them to come in wearing what they felt most comfy in, and to bring one or two of their favourite things. Abi brought soccer boots and a big soft toy and wore black sportswear teamed with a flowery pink headband. It's these fabulous juxtapositions that best express what it means to be eight; there's still a bit of Daddy's Little Girl but it's teamed with the promise of the independent, sporty young woman she'll one day be. By letting the kids have some input into our session, we honour our mandate to create photographs that do more than just show how we looked, they show who we were at that moment in time.