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Blair's here....Autumn sunset family session

Oh my gosh, HELLO autumn…you beautiful, delicious, honey-coloured, heart-warming season. It is the time of year when Mother Nature produces her best show and the sun is seduced into playing along. Warm winter coats come out of the cupboard and kids can play in the golden hour and not be cranky because it is past bed-time when the photographer wants to shoot.

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As a Hawke's Bay photographer who adores storytelling and emotional connections between people, it doesn't get much better than having one of my couples get in touch a few years after their wedding to ask me to spend some time with them documenting the next big milestone in their lives, the arrival of children.

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All About Caitlin - Family portrait session by Eva Bradley

Photography is important for so many reasons but mostly because it presses pause on a passing (and precious!) moment in time. I feel so lucky to have been part of a number of passing moments for the Tod family. Firstly it was to celebrate Matt and Kirsten's engagement, then, of course, the wedding. A newborn session followed with the arrival of their first baby, beautiful little Caitlin. And just last week I got to see her all grown up (well, almost four which is kinda the same when you're almost four, right?).

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