Ed & Tracy - Central Hawke's Bay country wedding


A year ago, an excited bride-to-be contacted me about a Central Hawke's Bay wedding. There would be a farm that had been in the family for generations...an ancient swing bridge spanning a gully filled with native trees and a woodland dell where lilies grew head high and light motes played in the shade like Tinkerbell. As dusk fell, a country ball would begin with dresses sweeping the floor. It seemed like a fairy tale, a magical scene that couldn't possibly translate to real life. But while Ed and Tracy's wedding day was right out of a fairy tale, the landscape was exactly as she described. The only thing neither Ed nor I had pictured was just how beautiful the setting could be when a glorious girl whose dreams had just come true was right there in the heart of it, beside her Mr. Right...Mr White.

Makeup: Candice Dear. Hair: Bonnie Heyns (Morrinsville) Dress (no.1): Essence, with Nikki Thomsen Design. Dress (no.2): USA. Flowers & styling: the clever bride herself!

Eva Bradley is a Central Hawkes Bay wedding photographer. To see more recent wedding blogs click HERE, or click HERE to explore her website.