Sileni is where Wine Country began - the branding, and the dream that Hawke's Bay could be the country's premiere wine destination...and as a result, the top spot in New Zealand for vineyard weddings.
In the heart of Gimblett Gravels, Sileni offers a magnificent location for Hawkes Bay wedding photography. On-site the architecture pops, the working winery with vast industrial steel vats is super cool, the vines disappear into the distance and an endlessly long driveway has the burnt summer hills of Hawkes Bay as a backdrop from either direction.
Nearby are some of our favourite wedding photography locations - an historic barn (which means you never have to worry about where to get great photography if it rains on the day) and lots of empty paddocks where we can play with you and our cameras in the long summer grass.

Visit our blog page and search for 'Sileni' to see some of our recent weddings shot here