Get Outta Town! James & Jo beside the Lake

Braxmere by the Lake

We were Taupo Wedding Photographers today and we loved it!

By Eva Bradley & Andrew Caldwell


James and Jo's great love began 14 years ago and it was amazing to see how the emotional energy created by a wedding day was able to take them both back there to the feelings we all remember from the start of a relationship. This wedding was a celebration of that relationship, but just as important was sharing the joy of it with special family and friends. I've never seen a couple hug their guests after the ceremony with so much heart. 

Jo's sister, Tasha and husband, Francis, hosted the couple's wedding at their glorious Lake Taupo wedding venue, Braxmere, which is nestled between the edges of the mountains and the shores of the south-west side of the lake near Turangi. On the day, steam from the region's thermal activity rose up to meet the low-slung clouds, which created some drama during our creative session with the guys, but then magically cleared to reveal an afternoon of beautiful blue skies.

Interesting creative challenges and emotion are what I live for as a photographer and James and Jo's wedding gave both of those elements to me and Andrew in spades. It was really fun for both of us to shoot without a bride for a change, and a huge privilege to see these two become so comfortable showing their feelings for each other openly as the day progressed.  

To James and Jo, from me and Andrew, we want to say a huge thanks for sharing your incredibly special and fun day with us so candidly, and reminding us why it is we absolutely love what we do.