Mark & Esther - Hawke's Bay orchard wedding

Weddings aren't just about two people, they are about families, and bringing them all together with meaning. That's why I loved Mark & Esther's Hawkes Bay wedding day so much. While it was all about them, it was also about the people that got them there - from the framed portraits in the marquee of grandparents and parents at their own weddings, to the venue at the family orchard in Twyford that belongs to his dad, and once belonged to his Granddad.After a week of thunderstorms and downpours in Hawkes Bay, Mother Nature came to the party with a bright blue day that perfectly matched Esther's colour theme. And although I know she's going to love all of her gorgeous wedding photography, I already know exactly which one Mark will be putting on his desk at work...the new wife...beside the boat. Big congrats, Mr & Mrs Greer. xx Eva Bradley.

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