Helen & Henry....engaged.

Kairakau engagement photography

One of the loveliest things about being a Hawkes Bay wedding photographer is that you get to explore the road less traveled. As 2013 drew its last gasp, I packed up my ole' kit bag of favourite lenses and wound my way out through the glorious Central Hawkes Bay countryside for an engagement photography session with Helen & Henry. With its craggy hills, long burnt summer grass and endless golden sand, this is a no-brainer for engagement photography. But for me, locations are not just backgrounds, they should be an anchor to a special moment in time. They should tug at almost-forgotten memories of hot summer days spent building sandcastles with cousins, and climbing to the tops of hills just because you can.Helen's family home is right on the beach at Kairakau. From here she caught the school bus every day and one special day she came home with the man she loved, and he proposed to her on the rickety steps that as a kid she'd tripped down hundreds of times. This November, we'll be back there again, flying in via Helicopter for some some Central Hawkes Bay wedding photography at its best. But before then....here are some new memories to add to the layers of history.