I have photographed what must now be hundreds of little hatchlings over my career, but at four days old, Louis was the youngest. And I swear, his older brother Felix was, without doubt, the most adoring older sibling I've ever encountered. As I quietly shot the two boys together over the course of a morning, I literally watched him fall in love. It was quite beautiful to behold, and even more beautiful to press pause on these fleeting moments for their mum and dad, who generously let me share these very personal images with you.

Even though I have a studio, I am a massive fan of photographing newborns at home where real life is happening, moment by moment. I know from having two kids recently myself that simple daily routines like changing a nappy or lying baby down in the cot at nap time become so incredibly precious when suddenly those times in your life have passed and you find yourself holding a child instead of a tiny little baby.

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