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Wee Evie - One week old and chilling out at home.

They say never work with children and animals but I have to say that (even though it’s challenging) I totally disagree. Some of my all-time favourite photos have involved children AND animals, and this first photo of Evie with Chopper is up there with them. I

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Occasionally people ask if I ever get bored shooting weddings (I've shot about 600, so it's a fair question!). I can confidently say 'no' because, for me, it's not the wedding that excites and interests me, it's the people. And even though it's bound to happen someday, I've yet to shoot the same bride twice. And I've never shot a bride like Kelly. She is a free spirit, a courageous, strong woman with the softest heart. When I found out she was getting married on my 40th birthday at Waipatiki Beach, I knew I had my party plans sorted.

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